A downloadable game for Windows

Submission for the Weekly Game Jam #94 on the theme "Ice"

(Will add sound and music later)

❇     ❇     GOAL     ❇     ❇

Your goal is to create groups of adjacent dice with the same face up. 

You have 5 jumps per turn and you win points from the groups of dice only at the end of the turn. Dice rotate in the inverse direction of your movement when you jump from them to another one. 

Try not to get stuck or fall in the water, the cubes are destroyed when you gain points. Finishing your turn early by pressing space might help in some situations.

❇     ❇     CONTROLS     ❇     ❇

UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT : jump on adjacent cube 

SPACE : end your turn early

❇     ❇     ❇     ❇

Penguin made by Balaji Ganesh Kasibhatla


Dice_Cubes_Windows.zip 17 MB

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